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One of the biggest challenges for women from backward classes and economically weaker sections is to get suitable earning jobs and become financially and socially self-dependent. And surely, this problem has become graver after Covid 19 pandemic hit the world. 

However, as they say, where there is a will, there is a way. Chitravansham Society is truly determined to make poor and unprivileged classes financially stable by connecting them to skilled training programs after completing their 10th grade or 12th grade. 

We have launched the ‘Shiksha Se Naukari’ campaign drive to provide adolescent girls of age 18+ Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Career and Technical Education (CTE). Both these programs focus on offering job-specific technical training to become masters of the trade. 

Girls enrolling in the program can look to apply for jobs in the banking, accounting, retail, and pharma industries. They can receive this vocational training either in a high school, trade school, or community college. 

Chitravansham Society has introduced another project known as the Placement Linked Training Program, which is run and sponsored by the Government of India. We are happy to announce that we have already placed more than 1200+ candidates in the electronic sector, 1940 candidates in the healthcare, and 1360 candidates in the IT And ITES industries successfully

To make our campaign ‘Shiksha Se Naukari’ successful, the Chitravansham Society has introduced Awareness Program. Under this program, we organize various camps at village levels in different districts. These camps include a Program of Digital Literacy in the form of Nukkad Nataks, and posters. We are also spreading awareness amongst women and youth about how these skill development and training programs can bring a significant change in their lives.



Success Stories

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our society is male dominant but in this age of technology and advancement, each person in the family needs to earn to maintain their household. It is more crucial for women to be financially independent in lower socioeconomic groups and EWS since they can assist with paying for home expenses.
After completing grades 10 or 12, the campaign offers skill training (VTE & CTE). We provide specialized, ability-focused education essential for professional careers, allowing individuals to become eligible for roles in sectors such as banking, accounting, retail and pharmaceuticals.
Your generous donations empower us to enhance our skill development sessions by incorporating advanced resources. This significantly aids women in refining and honing their skills. They will find jobs more easily and as a result, they will have an easier time adjusting to a professional work atmosphere.
There is no need to be concerned that the census presented is out of date because our organisation works constantly to increase public awareness of our campaign. At regular intervals throughout the year, we continuously update the census.
No age is too old to become independent, as they say! Since our goal is to optimise it, everyone who is 18 or older can profit from our campaign. We are working to close the economic gaps that the COVID pandemic created, particularly in the EWS and backward classes.