Chitravansham Society


The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is a government agency that was created by an Act of Parliament in 1956.

Its primary aim is to promote and develop khadi and village industries in rural India. The KVIC also implements various programs and schemes to generate employment opportunities and improve the standard of living of people in rural areas.

One of the most significant programs that the KVIC runs is the Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP).

Under the PMEGP, the KVIC provides loans and subsidies to eligible candidates who wish to set up micro-enterprises in the village and rural areas.

What We Offer

At Chitravansham Society, we have collaborated with KVIC to support the PMEGP program.

  • Our collaboration with KVIC involves identifying potential candidates who are eligible for the PMEGP program.
  • We provide them with guidance and support to prepare their project reports, which are then submitted to KVIC for approval.
  • Once the project is approved, we help the candidates secure loans and subsidies from KVIC to start their businesses.
  • Chitravansham Society also provides training and mentoring support to the beneficiaries to help them manage and grow their businesses.

Through our collaboration with KVIC, we have been able to support numerous micro-enterprises in rural areas.

These businesses have helped to create employment opportunities, improve the standard of living of rural communities, and promote sustainable economic development.

Our partnership with KVIC has been instrumental in helping us to achieve our mission of empowering people in rural areas with sustainable livelihood opportunities.