President's Message

Chitravansham Society was initiated in 2003 with the aim of providing equal opportunities and resources to each individual in our society.

I, as the President of the Chitravansham Society, am really honoured to be a part of this journey. I always believe that when provided access to the right resources and opportunities, each one of us is capable of leading a good life and doing wonders regardless of background or economic status.

With CHSOC’s holistic approach to socioeconomic welfare, we try to educate and support the individuals who need them the most. We have several programs that help eradicate the social and economical issues from the roots, as well as make individuals self-reliant so they can help their community too.

I am grateful and humbled by the love, trust and support that Chitravansham Society has received throughout its journey. So let us all come together and keep working towards a world with a brighter future for all.

Mrs Shobha Srivastava