Mission & Vision


At Chitravansham Society our mission is to empower individuals and underserved communities by providing holistic development and awareness. 

We are committed to building an equitable society where basic necessities like healthcare, education, and means of living can be easily accessed by anyone regardless of their circumstances.

The core belief of CHSOC emphasises that education is a powerful tool enabling individuals to make well-informed decisions, improve their quality of life and become self-sufficient. These individuals will further empower their community, thus helping us move closer to our goal.

Chitravansham Society also organises several health camps, promotes healthy eating habits, sanitation and personal hygiene, along with providing medical care and assistance when required.

At CHSOC, we appreciate collaborating with other groups and governmental agencies that adhere to our commitment to a just and equitable community.



In 2003, our founder, who was working closely with the different communities of India, was shaken by the inequality prevailing in society and the adversities faced by the underserved communities.

Thats when he visualised starting an organization that can focus on bridging the gap between such sections of society and the facilities that they can take advantage of.

Chitravansham Society was founded with a vision of creating a society where every individual can access equal opportunities and resources to succeed in life.

Our aim is to make sure that the individuals and communities from the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh dont get left behind in the race for development, their voices are heard and their needs are being met.