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Terms & Conditions

1. Coordinator will be assigned to each intern during their internship.

2. Interns need to maintain daily record of work and submit daily & weekly progress report to their Coordinator.

3. Certificates will be issued to the intern on successful completion of their internship after submitting the Report and Presentation.

4. Interns need to submit the weekly report through mail to the faculty coordinator.

5. Intern will maintain the dignity, decorum and discipline at Organization, failing which the internship will be liable to be terminated.

6. Any kind of indiscipline activities from the side of the interns and reported by the concerned coordinator shall be treated as very serious and immediate disciplinary action will be taken against them by the Organization and their internship will be terminated without telling any specific reason and No remuneration/Honorarium and no Certificate will be given to the Intern.

7. The internship may discontinued at any time if the performance of the Intern is not found satisfactory or the intern is absent without authorization of the coordinator.

8. No CL, ML or any kind of leave will be granted during the Internship.

9. The interns should maintain their attendance without fail and there should not be any shortage of attendance during the period of internship.

10. Any absence during working hours may result in extension of the period of internship.

11. The interns are always duty bound to maintain and demonstrate honesty, punctuality and willingness to learn throughout the Internship programme.

12. Interns should maintain descent and professional dress code. They should be attending Internship with a neat and professional appearance.

13. Internship is a full time programme and hence interns are required to observe working hours of the Organization.

14. No amount will be given as honorarium during the internship.

15. Interns will work in the premises of the Organization Office or Work From Home or they will also do marketing & survey works and may utilize the facilities.

16. Interns shall maintain full confidentiality and secrecy of any information/matter relating to Organization and the outcome of the study during internship will remain as intellectual property of the Organization and interns cannot use it without prior approval of the Organization.

17. The Organization may send you for you Internship at different location of Organization.

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